How everything works


Drinking Water – you should not drink water from the tap as it is unsafe in Turkey.  You should use the water chiller that is provided (refills available from the supermarket) or bottled water. This includes Ice cubes – either purchase ice cubes or use bottled water to make your own from the ice cube trays in the freezer.

Hot Water – The apartment has an emersion heater which will automatically provide hot water.

Swimming Pool – Please be mindful of your safety when using the swimming pool. The pool is regularly maintained and cleaned – the pool maintenance company will visit regularly to check the pool levels and to ensure the correct PH level is adhered to.

Garden – The small areas around the apartment which include trees, hedges, shrubs will be watered regularly during your stay, usually early in the morning.

BBQ – The traditional built stone BBQ is provided for the use of the guests. Please make sure you clean the griddle before and after use. Additionally, oil it with cooking oil prior to use to prevent your foot getting stuck. Charcoal is available from the supermarket. BBQ tools are provided.

Glassware outside – We have provided sufficient plastic cups and beakers to allow you to take drinks outside without the worry of breaking something. Please try and use these to prevent unwanted breakages and potential injuries.

Service – The property will be cleaned part way through your stay – usually a Wednesday if you arrive and leave on Saturday. They will clean the property and exchange the used towels for clean ones as well as the bedding.

Wifi – There is wireless internet provided within the apartments. The network is called STOCKTON and the password is milton2016. The speed is around 6-8mbps.

Bedding / Towels – Each room is provided with spare pillows for your comfort and a duvet. It is unlikely that you will need the duvets as there are already picqets on the beds (for summer). Towels are also provided for the each guest and intended for use in the bathroom. Separately, beach towels are provided for outside/beach use.


  • Please use ‘quick’ 45° wash which is set by turning knob to right twice.
  • Please do not use ‘eco’ as this is a very long cycle.
  • Please do not put pots and pans in the dishwasher
  • Please use Finish tablets and Rinse Aid if washing glasses.
  • If the dishwasher requires salt, please use Finish dishwasher salt (all can be obtained from Migros).

Washing machine

  • The washing machine instructions are in Turkish. Please see below translated instructions:
    • Iptal: Cancel
    • Koyu Renkliler/Kot : Dark colours / jeans
    • Gomlek/Bluz: Shirts/blouses
    • Sport/Fitness: self explanatory
    • AllergyPlus & Baby: self explanatory
    • Super-Kisa (15’/30’): quick wash (15 or 30 minutes)
    • Yunluler: Woolens
    • Bosaltma: Draining
    • Sikma: Spin
    • Pamuklular: Cottons
    • + On yikama: pre-wash
    • Sentetikler: Synthetics
    • Mix: self explanatory
    • Hassas/Ipek: Delicate/silk
    • Durulama: Rinse

Nespresso machine:

  • There is a Nespresso machine in the apartment for use by the guests, you will need to bring capsules with you as these are not sold locally.
  • Please do not use any capsules other than “Nespresso” branded
  • Fill water jug at back of machine
  • Pull arm forward to reveal capsule slot
  • Insert capsule
  • Close arm
  • Place cup underneath tap
  • Press either button on top


  • The speaker can either be used via:
    • Apple Airplay (press airplay on your Apple device and connect to ‘Kalkan Music Speaker’); or
    • via the headphone socket on your Android/other. There is a white cable plugged into the speaker – plug the other end into your headphone socket
  • Please do not unplug the speaker or move it
  • The speaker can be operated via its remote control
  • Please be considerate regarding the noise as the other apartments are occupied by guests

TV and DVD player

  • The television can be turned on pressing the red button on the remote control (There is a standby button underneath the middle of the TV)
  • The remote control works like a computer mouse – follow the icon on the screen and press the central button to click
  • Netflix (Turkey) and the internet can be accessed by pressing the home button (button with house on it) and scrolling to the right (internet is on the second page of items).
  • To watch UK terrestrial tv, press source on remote to ensure channel is HDMI3.  Press menu, and scroll downwards until you get to UK TV.  You should be able to select from the main terrestrial channels as well as some other free channels.
  • DVD player can be accessed by pressing the ‘source’ button.
  • There are plenty of shops in Kalkan where DVDs (in English can be purchased) – Kipa has a good selection or try the Thursday Market.

Apple TV

  • Apple TV is supplied.
  • Switch this on with the Apple remote control and change the TV input to HDMI 1
  • Sign in with your ITunes account details