Emergency number – 112 (Police, army, coast guard, ambulance, fire brigade) N.B. If you call 112 from a land line, the emergency services immediately know where you are – they have the address where the phone is registered. This is helpful as you may find it difficult to give directions.

Nearest hospital – Kas (20km, 140TL return taxi, just ask for hastane (hospital in Turkish))

Nearest dentist – Cenk Şahin – phone 0242 844 3696 or Atilla Özbek – phone 0242 844 3905

British Consulate (Fethiye) – Atatürk Caddesi

Likya İş Merkezi
Kat: 2 No: 202

Email: bhcfethiye@superonline.com
Phone: (0252)  614 6302

Extension – when dialling a Turkish number from a UK mobile, prefix with 0090 and remove the first 0 from the number